Ash Lamb

Barcelona, Spain
Visual ideas for creative entrepreneurs.

Opportunities don’t come to those who stay in their caves.

And that’s why you should start building in public. So the world can follow your journey and reward you for it!

As a curious individual, I always explore what others are building online.

Having so much fun learning from other “public builders”, I created a private list with dozens of creators, indie hackers, and founders I admire.

Then I thought, why not make it public and invite others to join too? The more, the merrier!

This is how Public Gems was born! A directory of amazing people building projects in public.

Help me create a space on the internet without algorithms, where people can share their projects and be equally inspired by others building in public.

Who knows… It could help you find your next co-founder, friend, customer or mentor!

I’ll be manually adding more people every week, so if you’ere interested in being a part of this don’t hesitate to fill out this short form!

Much love and respect,

Ash Lamb