Public Gems
A directory of amazing people building projects in public!
Aaron Aalto
New York, NY
I'm a Brooklyn-based product designer and artist who studied industrial design at SCAD.
Al Khan
Planet Earth
Growing Cloud Devs - Largest Platform for Hiring Latam Devs!
Aletheia Délivré
Calgary, Alberta
Generalist creative obsessed with designing the human components of design teams and systems. Currently at Zapier.
Alex Llull
Madrid, Spain
Sharing how creators monetize their audience at
Alex Wiec
New York, NY
I share book reviews, summaries, and tips to become a better reader
Alice Lemee
New York, NY
I help internet writers develop their craft, go freelance, and be nomadic.
Ana Bibikova
Growing B2B SaaS. Head of marketing at Aimondo.
Aprilynne Alter
Planet Earth
Just a girl who loves YouTube!
Arvid Kahl
Ontario, Canada
Building in Public. Raising all the boats with kindness.
Ash Lamb
Barcelona, Spain
Visual ideas for creative entrepreneurs.
Ben Barbersmith
Worcestershire, UK
Building & designing my life so that I'm happy and healthy in the year 2100. Dad of 2. Runner. Super lucky.
Danny Miranda
Austin, Texas
Expand love & freedom / podcast / coaching / retreats
Daren T. Smith
Provo, Utah
Film Producer and entrepreneur building Craftsman Creative.
Jamie Russo
New York, NY
Ghostwriter for founders running
Jarek Ceborski
Canary Islands, Spain
Designer turned founder building
Jim Raptis
I’m an indie hacker building and
Kevon Cheung
Hong Kong, China
I help you grow raving fans & build products involving them. My 2 baby girls run from me!
Kirupa Chinnathambi
Seattle, USA - a free online resource for beginners and experts wishing to get better at web development.
Kyle Nolan
Boston, Massachusetts
Bootstrapping to 1M ARR
Liz Rowe
Portland, OR
Non-Fiction Book YouTuber & Estimating Data Science Manager at Intel
Matt Callanan
Cardiff, Wales
Coach and hypnotist. I help you level up in life and business.
Pere Ayats
Barcelona, Spain
Building kick-ass software for startups at
Peter Askew
Savannah, GA
Domain name investor turned ranch employing, onion farmer.
Pontus Abrahamsson
Stockholm, Sweden
Currently building an open source platform for business owners to be on top of their finances.
Ryan Tanaka
Phoenix, Arizona
Host of NeuraPod - a YouTube channel all about Neuralink.
Sam McRoberts
Planet Earth
CEO at VUDU Marketing, and the author of Screw the Zoo.
Vizi Andrei
Bucharest, Romania
Writer, independent researcher, and digital branding strategist.
Wojtek Witkowski
Planet Earth
Building fast apps that feel like a physical extension of your mind with considerate motion design for fluid interfaces.
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